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Paradise Row Projects

Projects Paradise Row Projects

Paradise Row Projects was a one-year, non-profit, project space. Located in Mayfair, the project ran from September 2021 - August 2022. In the project Nick partnered with patron and collector Pippa Horby and Gallery Director Mazzy-Mae Green.

A reiteration of the original Paradise Row, the project experimented with aspects of the typical gallery format.

Our program platformed projects staged by invited curators and artists. Over 115 artists were exhibited over seven shows:

Hawala, curated by Shezad Dawood
Ka'a Body: Cosmovision of the Rainforest, curated by Sandra Benites & Anita Ekman
Children of the Light, Spiralling into Infinity
City Entwined, curated by Mazzy-Mae Green
Jake Chapman: Me, Myself and Eye
GOLEM Speaks for Itself, by Ariel Claudet
Cloud Point, curated by Nicolas Bourriaud

We also produced, with UBIK Productions and GumGum Studio, The Mangrove Institute of Contemporary Art (MICA) - a metaverse based iteration of the Hawala show curated by Shezad Dawood, and one of the most creatively ambitious exhibitions yet staged in the metaverse.

Non-profit (incorporated as a Community Interest Company) but commercial and located in prime retail territory, Paradise Row Projects was an experiment in modelling the commercial gallery as a social enterprise. 20% of income from sales were donated in equal parts by the gallery and exhibiting artists and curators to collectively chosen NGOs:

Conservation Action Trust, India
The Citizens Foundation - Flood Relief, Pakistan
Friendship, Bangladesh
AmazoniAlerta, Brazil
Instituto Maracá, Brazil
Extinction Rebellion, UK
Credit, UK
Palianytsia, Ukraine

Aesthetically, Paris-based architecture and design studio GOLEM realised a brief to deconstruct the white cube. Additionally we invited each curator / artist to select, for their respective exhibitions, a design for the gallery’s facade and colour palette in which to paint areas of the interior architecture so that each exhibition had a distinct and immersive aesthetic environment.