Nick Hackworth

An Introduction to Complexity and Emergence: Wendy Wheeler in Conversation with Nick Hackworth

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Talk: On nature and culture

Wendy Wheeler in conversation with Nick Hackworth

Wendy Wheeler is a groundbreaking cultural biosemiotician whose influential writings have posited new ways of thinking about the relationship between nature and culture. In this conversation with Modern Forms' Nick Hackworth - the first in a series of talks organised in collaboration with ArtReview - she provides an introduction to complexity and emergence, two terms deriving from systems theory now gaining a wider currency in contemporary art and culture.

Emeritus Professor of English Literature and Cultural Inquiry at London Metropolitan University, Wheeler's most recent book Expecting the Earth: Life, Culture, Biosemiotics (2016), formulates a history and theory of biosemiotic and proto-biosemiotic thinking in order to open up new possibilities of contemporary social, philosophical, aesthetic and technological engagement.