Nick Hackworth

ZDHC - Impact Report 2020

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Nick was the copy writer on ZDHC's Impact Report 2020.

ZDHC is a multi-stakeholder organisation comprising over 150 contributors from across the fashion industry including Brands, Suppliers and Chemical Suppliers.

The Roadmap to Zero Programme, by ZDHC, leads the fashion industry to eliminate harmful chemicals from its global supply chain by building the foundation for more sustainable manufacturing to protect workers, consumers and our planet’s ecosystems.

Excerpt from Foreword from Frank Michel, Executive Director, the ZDHC Foundation:

"Alongside profound challenges and suffering, the pandemic has also brought with it hope inspired by responses to this global crisis. It is found in the cooperation between governments, the pharmaceutical industry and academia to develop vaccines at an unprecedented speed. It is also found in the everyday compassion and resilience of friends, families and communities all around the world.

It has also revealed with absolute clarity how vulnerable our modern civilisation is; long confinements, travel restrictions and disrupted supply chains have deeply impacted lives and businesses across the globe.

The scale of this impact is, worryingly, only partially indicative of the severe effects the multiple environmental crises we are facing could have on humanity and the world at large. The speed of it confronts us with the urgency of now - the fact that we do not have much time left as we reach an environmental tipping point.

Thankfully across the world many of us are tangibly heeding the warning signs and sustainability has dramatically risen up the global agenda.

At ZDHC we are inspired by this vital development and continue with our community to take collective action to effect positive change. Increasing collaboration powers our work forward in promoting and implementing sustainable chemistry throughout the global fashion and footwear industry in order to fight climate change, support biodiversity and protect the oceans and drinking water across the planet.

To achieve our mission, ZDHC is driving industry convergence towards exacting standards of sustainable chemical" management. We are continuously scaling the initiative across the supply chain and we are increasing transparency on sustainability performance within the industry."