Nick Hackworth

ZDHC - Impact Report 2021

Essays & Reviews ZDHC

Nick was a copywriter on ZDHC's Impact Report 2021.

ZDHC is a multi-stakeholder organisation comprising over 150 contributors from across the fashion industry including Brands, Suppliers and Chemical Suppliers.

The Roadmap to Zero Programme, by ZDHC, leads the fashion industry to eliminate harmful chemicals from its global supply chain by building the foundation for more sustainable manufacturing to protect workers, consumers and our planet’s ecosystems.

Excerpt from Foreword from Frank Michel, Executive Director, the ZDHC Foundation:

"By most estimates, we have less than a decade to mitigate many of the devastating effects that climate change is inflicting. Alongside the need to drastically reduce our carbon footprint, we must also urgently address the interrelated environmental crises that receive less attention: the massive loss of biodiversity and the degradation of water sources across the planet. By building ZDHC competence centres on greenhouse gas emissions (climate change), biodiversity, circularity and water stewardship, we are tackling these interrelated problems head on. We must remember that chemistry will be part of the solution: it can help us understand, monitor, protect and improve the environment around us."